Mitts and Merill/Fromag Cutters and Tooling

When cutting a keyway, it is important to get it right the first time. We are the OEM manufacturer for all of your keyway cutting needs for Mitts and Merrill and Fromag cutters and tooling.


When purchasing cutters and tooling from Mitts and Merrill you not only get the best quality product available, but also receive expert advice and support form a company that has been in the keyseating business for over 115 years. We want to help you be successful in your operations.


Keyway Cutters

Competitively priced

Made from the highest grades of M2 and T–15 tool steel

Heat treated at an ISO9001 specialized facility

Constantly inspected for quality control to meet our OEM standards

Made by expert machinists with over 60 years of direct experience

TIN, TiCN, and TiALN coatings available for an additional charge

Reverse engineering of HSS keyway and keyseat cutters such as Morton Type cutters



Competitively priced

Made from the highest quality steel available

Induction brazed to ensure the best strength available

Made by expert machinists with over 60 years of direct experience

We now professionally black oxide our centering fixtures and many other parts to prevent rust

Made and inspected to OEM quality standards



We now stock a very extensive assortment of M2 and T–15 cutters to reduce down time and to keep your production running. After being received, orders are typically ground to your specifications and shipped out the same day, or the following day. **Note: Larger orders and special orders may take longer.** Please speak to our sales department about any special cutters or delivery times.


Please call us or email us for a quote or information.

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