Serious focus on customers satisfaction


Quality Policy

We pledge to consistently meet or exceed our customer's expectations in product performance, service and delivery. We promote continuous improvement of customer expectations by maintaining and reviewing an ISO9001 compliant quality system


CNC Mill and turning work

Provide customer with proto-type work, short run and long run production work. We also provide to customer's injection molding, cold runner, two plates and three plates, also hot runner molds.


NC Grinding and manual surface grinding

With our G&H NC surface grinder and 4 Okomoto surface grinders, we can cover a wide range of grinding needs including parts up to 20"x40"x18". We also specialize in grinding and sharpening dies, punches, shredders, chipping blades and various other tooling where precision grinding is required.


Radyne Flexitune Induction Heating System

With our Radyne Flexitune, we can facilitate butt welding (brazing) from 1/8" to 6".


Please call us today at 352–343–7000 (Ext 2) or email us at to speak to a representative about subcontract work.